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In March 2012, Dr. Myiesha Taylor, an alumna of Xavier University of Louisiana, was inspired by Disney's "Doc McStuffins" to launch the "We Are Doc McStuffins" campaign. The show's positive portrayal of an African American girl aspiring to be a physician reignited Dr. Taylor's own childhood dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mission was to encourage African American children, especially girls, to pursue careers in medicine. Using visual imagery and social media, the campaign rapidly gained momentum, culminating in the successful "Doc Mobile Tour," which reached over 50,000 parents and children nationwide. The campaign garnered widespread media coverage, including mentions on national platforms like Good Morning America and MSNBC. Notably, the tour also significantly expanded the Artemis Medical Society, growing from 12 founding members to a thriving community of over 3,500 physicians worldwide.


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Wallace Bridges:
A Triumph For

In 2022, Wallace Bridges embarked on a mission to restore community representation within the Fort Worth ISD Board of Education. His campaign faced a deliberate effort by individuals and organizations from outside the district, who aimed to recruit and position another candidate to run against Wallace. Conventional political analysts were captivated by the outsider's appeal, and many believed that Wallace couldn't overcome the well-funded opposition aligning against him.

Confronted with the reality of the opposition's superior financial resources for their election bid, our team devised a strategic approach that leveraged Wallace Bridges' genuine background and established track record to counterbalance the funding advantages of the opposing candidate. In the primary election on May 7, 2022, featuring three contenders on the ballot, Wallace secured the second position, trailing the outsider by a margin of 152 votes.

Over the ensuing four weeks, our team maintained an unwavering focus on highlighting Wallace's authentic connections and deep roots within the district, all while continuing our direct engagement with voters. Despite the prevailing sentiment among pundits that the race was unwinnable, we tenaciously adhered to our plan, resulting in a remarkable comeback victory in the runoff election held on June 18, 2022.


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Wallace Bridges

William Schlitz is a political campaign wizard. With over 30 years of unparalleled experience, he's not just a consultant; he's a strategist extraordinaire. His track record of spearheading successful campaigns is truly impressive, having played pivotal roles in electing candidates to various public offices. William's ability to craft and execute holistic campaign strategies is unmatched. He's been the driving force behind our victories, leading us step by step toward our goals. His dedication and expertise are invaluable to anyone seeking to make their mark in the political arena.


Willie Pelote

William Schlitz's extensive experience in public policy is nothing short of extraordinary. With over 30 years of dedicated service and deep knowledge of the political landscape, William has been an invaluable asset in shaping meaningful policy changes. His work alongside prominent elected officials like Congresswoman Barbara Lee, former California Speaker of the State Assembly Bob Hertzberg, and former State Senator Edward Vincent is a testament to his strategic brilliance in advocating for the needs of the community. William's transition to overseeing government advocacy efforts in California at Dellums, Brauer & Halterman and his role as Political and Communications Director at AFSCME Local 3299 have showcased his commitment to driving positive change. When it comes to navigating the complex world of public policy, William Schlitz is the trusted expert you need to make a lasting impact.

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